Day 28 Mile 274

On Tues 4/30 the trail felt the soles of our boots again. It was hard returning but after three days our bodies are in the process of reawakening.

The path led through relatively mild terrain, newly green tree leaves and brush in the forest floor, through pastures, across roads, and yes, along rocky sections, too.

It gets worse. Ahead were looking forward to six miles of “knife edge” formations requiring stepping across the top. That’s for later. For now, a warm day that was supposed to bring rain but didn’t.

Still, these rocks pack the hurt. No complaints, though. Lots of nice scenery and fantastic bird scape.

4 thoughts on “Day 28 Mile 274

  1. Good to see you back out there! No coats and green trees. In another few weeks, you’ll probably be wishing for that coat weather again!


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